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TED Engish translation


In the position of coordinator of the Open Translation Project OTP/TED, I declare that Elisabete Valente is a voluntary translator in this project.

This translator has been a member of the community of voluntary translators for TED in Amara since the 27th February 2013, being integrated in the translators' team of Portuguese (Portugal).

Until now, Elisabete Valente has already translated from English into Portuguese a TED Talk, a TEDx Talk, three TED-Ed lessons, and reviewed one TED talk, being already published four of these translations on the TED website: www.ted.com , which you can also find on the voluntary translators personal page: www.ted.com/profiles/1730928/translations

Elisabete Valente, as translator, has proven to be always competent, is very careful in the translation, responsible with respect to deadlines, respectful and kind when working within the team and in the communication with other translators.

We are very pleased to continue collaborating with this translator, every time she is available.

Lisbon, 24th July 2013

Isabel Vaz Belchior

Portuguese Coordinators team (Portugal)


Contact details of references are available on request.