Dots y Dashes supports TED by translating subtitles for their inspiring and thought-provoking talks.

Ideas worth spreading

If you haven't heard of TED then you must do yourself a favour and visit the website. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started in 1984 as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then it's scope has become ever broader. TED now offers 1000's of inspiring talks freely available online and viewable in multiple languages.

The process

TED uses the open source platform Amara for collaborative translation of their video content. It involved the translation of English subtitles to Portuguese using Amara's simple online tool. The work was then subject to peer review and swiftly published to the TED website.

Louise Fresco on feeding the whole world

Louise Fresco shows us why we should celebrate mass-produced, supermarket-style white bread. She says environmentally sound mass production will feed the world, yet leave a role for small bakeries and traditional methods.

Shane Koyczan: "To This Day"

By turn hilarious and haunting, poet Shane Koyczan puts his finger on the pulse of what it's like to be young and different. "To This Day," his spoken-word poem about bullying, captivated millions as a viral video (created, crowd-source style, by 80 animators). Here, he gives a glorious, live reprise with backstory and violin accompaniment by Hannah Epperson.

Networking for the networking averse

Lisa Green Chau outlines how being proactive and always saying yes can lead to future opportunities.

Who invented writing? - Matthew Winkler

Speaking came thousands of years before writing. All writing that has developed since its invention can be traced back to two civilizations: Sumerian and Chinese.

Pavlovian reactions aren't just for dogs

Dr. Ivan Pavlov's groundbreaking work revealed that a dog will respond to neutral stimuli, such as a bell, in the same way that it will respond to, say, mouth-watering food.

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